A Washing Instructions- we do not recommend you hand or machine wash sarees particularly those made of silk materials. It is best if you can dry-clean it. However, if you hand wash non-silk material, ensure to use mild shampoos & softners which are not harsh on the fabric and do not sun dry the garment. Do not wash with other clothes that shed color.

Stain removal- if you happen to have a stain on your precious fabric, before you dryclean it, it is recommended you sprinkle some powder so that the stain does not spread further. If the stain is mild, it can be removed by using a mild shampoo and scrubbing it with a cotton ball. If the stain is more pronounced, a few drops of petrol can be used to remove it.

Iron- A very hot press is not recommended on expensive threads as they tend to wear out over a span of time. If ironed at home use a muslin or cotton cloth as a cover and then iron the fabric.

Storage instructions- It is advised not to hang silk materials. They can be stored in muslin cloth and reverse folded every 3 months. Post monsoons it is recommended that you spread them in a place which does not attract direct sunlight to damage the silk and expensive threads.

For women on the shorter side, preferably choose sarees that do not have pronounced borders and do not tend to puff up for a slim look. For tall women it is preferred to choose sarees with broader borders that enhance their looks. For women with a darker skin tone, please choose materials that are more pastle and milder colors or shade of green, pink & maroon to accentuate your looks. For women with fair skin tones it is recommended to choose dark, bright & contrasting colors to make them look good.

Do not use a petticoat that tends to flare up. For any given occassion it is recommended that you pin the saree well at the waist by the pleats and at the back of your shoulder to hold the saree intact. Cotton sarees are best worn when ironed crisp.

We do not have a return policy until and unless the product is damaged and is noticed at our showroom. We will always do a thorough check of the products before we display, however by human error if we happen to display it and you happen to notice a damage, we will take back the product and offer another choice. However, this may not be possible once you have taken the product home. So we request you to kindly check thoroughly before the purchase.

We do not refund on a purchase, we can only exchange, that too if you bring back the product within 24 hours of the prior purchase. In which case the taxes may not be refunded and is applicable for the exchange again. The exchange policy is also at the sole discretion of the Madhu Silks Management.

Lehangas at Madhu Silks are generally unstitched, so that they can be sewed to suit your body type.

We accept all major credit and debit cards and also have provisions for QR Code scanners and payments on all major Platforms, such as Google, Paytm, Phonepay etc.

Madhu Silks has a fleet of trained staff that have a keen eye on your need and style quotient in general, they are the best to suggest and help you make the right selections. We can also hire the services of our special Bridal Consultant to help you dress for the occasion the best.

We have a calendar of events around which if you want more details please feel free to share your details and we can send you invites for you to avail the best and latest designs and products at an offer price.

Our saree collection is from across the country, predominantly from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan etc.

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