Why Silk Sarees are an important attire in Indian Weddings?

Created on - 14/12/2021

Indian Sarees, especially Silks sarees made with Pure silk drawn from the cocoons of the silks worms are considered auspicious, sacred owing to the natural process of creation. Weavers take utmost care and caution while weaving the Silk Sarees, as the Warp and Weft work in sync with the Weavers attention to detail, infusing one’s energy into the Sacred saree that will be utilised for auspicious events and occasions.

For an Indian Wedding, traditional wedding Silk Sarees are considered to be the best attire and most apt for the occasion. A wedding is not the meeting of two people and two minds, but a communion of two souls that have destined to meet and celebrate life together.

Pure Silk Sarees, also regarded as the best Indian Sarees are considered auspicious as it is also the favourite attire of Goddesses, which also contains Gold and Silver Zari in the designs. Gold and Silver threads are infused into the border of the sarees or on the body, Pallu as Butta (small designs of various types). Every temple all over the world adorns the idols of Goddesses with Pure Silk Sarees. Silk Sarees are also considered divine and treated equal to Goddess Mahalakshmi, as it represents wealth and prosperity.

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