What Should You Consider Before Buying A Saree?

Created on - 31/3/2022

Saree is always a desirable outfit in Indian fashion. For weddings, college reunions, corporate parties, family get together, or ramp shows, sarees are always the first choice for women. But there are certain aspects that you should follow before buying a saree.

The list of things you should look at before buying a saree is given below -

1. Buy a saree according to your body shape

You should wear a saree according to your body shape. Thin women look good in silk, cotton, and tissue sarees. These sarees create an illusion of curves, so the body shape will look good. Silk sarees are made of heavy material, so it gives a toned look. If you are a little bit healthy, then go for chiffon, crepe, or georgette sarees. These sarees are very lightweight and also reduce mass structure.

2. Color of saree

As you all know, choosing the right color will change your whole get-up. Like, it will uplift your whole style. If you are medium-toned, then go for maroon, red, black, emerald green, etc., sarees. These dark color sarees will look brighter. If you are one with a light skin tone, then go for light-colored sarees like pink, yellow, light green, etc. Not only the color but the pattern also can lift your tone.

3. Wear according to the occasion

Wear a saree according to the occasion. If you are going for a casual party or get-together or college farewell party, then don’t go for heavy-looking saree sarees. This casual party requires soft-core sarees. Sarees like Katha silk, Handloom, and Pure silk sarees. Less design and less embroidery will create a very simple look.

If you are going to a wedding party or reception, wear heavily printed sarees like Kanjeevaram, Banarasi Silk, or Rajasthani silk with heavy jewelry. Opt elegant silk sarees for corporate parties or office meetings. If you are looking for comfort, then go for Bhagalpuri silk, Cotton sarees, Jute sarees, etc. These are very comfortable and easy to carry.

4. Wear according to the trend

Due to the rapid changes in the fashion industry, many trendy sarees have been introduced. You might have heard about Ruffle sarees, Organza sarees, Net sarees, Pastel silk sarees, Dhoti sarees, and so on. There are also ready-to-wear sarees in the market. If you don’t wear a saree on a daily basis, then go for this one. It’s really easy to wear. Traditional sarees may look great, but why not go along with the trend?

5. Choose the right shop

When you are buying a saree, always be choosy. There are plenty of fraud shops. Silk saree is a very delicate saree. There are lots of people who sell duplicate cheap silk sarees. The glossy look doesn’t determine the originality. Also, if you are buying an expensive saree, then go through the price online. Especially if it’s for your wedding, then cross-checking is mandatory.

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