How to wash your Silk Sarees?

Created on - 25/1/2022

Silk Sarees are not just any ordinary saree fabric. They are a piece of royalty that is something unmatched. But the delicacy of its fabric deserves some extra care. If you too are planning to wash your Silk sarees then this blog might be a great help for you. Keep on reading!

  • Normally, the delicacy of Silk deserves only dry cleaning as a washing method. For which you should try visiting a dry cleaner so that the shine and delicacy of the fabric of the saree are maintained in the long run.

  • But don’t worry saree fabric maintenance is possible at home too. Just follow some tips and tricks here and there. And keep the shine of your silk saree maintained as it is, for a longer period.

  • The first and most important thing to remember while washing  Silk saree at home is to use cold water for washing them. Add mild detergent(that is free of any harsh chemicals) to it. Now rub the saree with soft hands. Further, rinse it in cold water till it leaves back clear water.

  • You can also go for natural alternatives of mild detergents like Reetha soaked overnight. And use the solution with cold water for washing the saree.

  • The only tip after considering the use of cold water is to be gentle with your hands while washing the saree. To avoid any damage to the delicate fabric.

  • The next tip is, never wring Saree immediately after the washing as it can get wrinkles that might last permanently.

  • Also if you are running low on time and prefer washing clothes on the washing machine. So worry not, you can wash your delicate Silk saree in a washing machine too. But only in the delicate mode. Else it will ruin the Saree fabric. Also after the washing is complete. Take out the saree from the machine and let it air dry. Never dry a Silk saree in the dryer of a washing machine. And most importantly, always wash the Saree alone. As it might transfer color to other clothes and damage them.

  • If your Silk saree has caught stains then Vinegar is an effective solution. Take an equal proportion of vinegar and water, mix them well, put the mixture over the stain, and get rid of the stain. Do not dilute the concentration of vinegar if the stain is dark. This treatment works as the best solution when the Saree has caught coffee or tea stains.

  • Silk sarees also stain sweat. So after wearing it on any occasion try giving it a cold water wash. So that the saree remains stain-free.

  • Food stains in a silk saree deserve a talcum powder treatment. All you have to do is spread talcum powder over the stain as it helps in the absorption of the grease, then further soak in mild detergent and wash it in cold water.

Remember silk is a delicate and expensive fabric so try getting the Saree washed by dry cleaners for its sustainability in the long run. If washing at home, follow these tips and tricks.

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