How to maintain Silk Sarees, to give it a long life?

Created on - 25/1/2022

Maintaining a delicate Saree fabric after having purchased it, is a wholesome task in itself. But a few extra steps of care, here and there can help you sustain the life of the Saree for a longer duration. And make the money spent on the purchase worth it, also preventing you from unnecessary sobbing over the money spent on the expensive Saree purchase.

If you too are unaware of the hacks of maintaining the Silk Sarees at home or have made the Saree purchase for the very first time. Then keep on reading, this article is the one you were looking for!

We all have heard from time immemorial that Silk is a delicate fabric. But what makes Silk fabric a delicate one, is still a question? An answer to this widespread word is that silk fabric is a natural fabric. So it is easily prone to wear and tear. Since it is mostly prepared naturally, it is a very time-consuming process, making it an expensive clothing piece too. Thus, its maintenance is a bit of a task.

In this blog, we will see what are the steps needed for the maintenance of a Silk Saree in the long run. The main three steps involved in maintaining a Silk Saree are:

  • Washing

  • Ironing

  • Storing


  • Washing a silk saree is something that needs tender care. So while washing a silk saree remember these tips.

  • Firstly, follow a washing guide or manual that is there with the Saree for washing a Silk saree.

  • Try not to wash a silk saree in a washing machine. If you do then only wash it in the delicate mode of the washing machine. They also avoid the drying part in the machine. Let it air dry.

  • It is advisable to wash the Silk Saree with your hands. That too with mild detergents and with cold water.

  • Never soak the saree for too long, as the fabric is prone to wear and tear.

  • Never brush on the saree fabric. As the weave can rip off.

  • Always wash the saree alone as it can bleed color while washing.

  • Let the saree air dry, as the harsh sunlight can damage it.

  • Prefer dry cleaning the sarees over anything else. As it is the best way to get it cleaned.


  • Try ironing the Saree only with the dry iron.

  • Avoid using a steam iron.

  • Try to not iron the Silk saree in direct contact with the iron. Rather place a cotton cloth in between the saree and the iron. This way there will be minimum heat resistance between the silk saree and the iron.

Also, iron the Saree at a low temperature.


  • Store the silk saree in a dark place inside a cotton cloth.

  • Use mothballs so that bugs stay away from the Saree.

  • Do not store the saree in a plastic bag as it is prone to humidity.

These were the three necessary steps that one should follow while maintaining a Silk Saree.

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