How to wash Pattu or Zari Sarees?

Created on - 13/1/2022

Zari Sarees - means a royal look….

You can get a royal and elegant look with a Zari Saree but this stuff needs some care even after using it.

Sarees make the most elegant piece of garment in a women's wardrobe. It is a versatile piece yet makes you look graceful at the same time. Different sarees are of different fabrics, of which Pattu or Zari Saree is one.

A Pattu or Zari saree is a beautiful silk fabric. But due to its delicate nature, it needs high maintenance. For a Zari saree to sustain longer, one should handle it with utmost care. In today’s article, we will read on how to wash a Zari or Pattu saree at home and increase its lifecycle.

Steps to follow while washing a Pattu or Zari Saree at home

  • The first and foremost thing to remember is Pattu sarees are of vibrant colors, so wash them separately from other clothes.

  • The second thing is to keep the shine and color of the saree maintained, never wash it in hot water.

  • Prefer washing the saree in cold water else lukewarm water does the purpose.

  • The third thing to keep in mind is never washing Pattu sarees in hard detergent.

  • Use a mild detergent that is free from harsh chemicals to soak the saree.

  • If you don’t have a mild detergent at home, replace it with a few drops of protein or baby shampoo.

  • Lather the mild detergent in water and soak the saree in it now.

  • Submerge the saree in the detergent for some time, to be precise 5 minutes.

  • Never leave the saree submerged in the detergent for longer durations.

  • As the saree is delicate and submerging for a longer period can weaken the fabric quality.

  • Now remove the soaked saree out from detergent water, gently rub it with your hands. Replace the dirty water with clear cold water after rinsing every time, until clear water is there in the bucket. Repeat the process of rinsing the saree in clearwater a minimum of 4-5 times.

  • In no time, you will see the saree is clean and not leaving any soapy water in the bucket.

  • Now hang the saree in a hanger until excess water drips off from the saree.

  • You can also hang the saree on a flat surface for the dripping of the excess water.

  • The next and the last step is to spread the saree in a shady area for drying. Remember, never dry a Pattu saree in direct sunlight as it will weaken the fabric and make the actual color of the saree dull.

These were the steps and tips one should follow while washing a Zari or Pattu saree at home. Additionally, remember if you are washing the saree for the first time skip the detergent. Washing the saree in cold water serves the purpose. If the saree gets a stain then follow the above process.

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