Different Types of Lehengas

Created on - 14/4/2022

Whether it is a traditional Indian wedding of a close relative or a bride’s own wedding in different parts of India, especially the Southern states, a woman wants to look the best on that big occasion. The Indian lehengas are trendy, and at the same time simple and beautiful. The lehenga worn by an Indian woman is known for its charm and exquisite designs. Typically, now-a-days, one can come across women wearing lehengas in different locations in India. However, lehenga is a traditional South Indian attire that can be worn for functions in the morning and night.

Lehengas are a preferred and top choice for parties, festivals, and weddings. It is an Indian outfit that suits women from different places in India.

Pattu Pavada

  • It is the South Indian variant of the lehenga.

  • It is quite simple, convenient, and comfortable to wear.

  • The Pattu Pavada is made of synthetic silk, cotton silk, colored cotton along with captivating golden colored borders.

  • It is trendy, mostly made up of silk, and has contrasting colors.

Layered lehenga

  • The layered lehenga is quite stunning in style and appearance.

  • As the name indicates, a layered lehenga consists of several layers stacked on top of each other.

  • The layered lehenga is a fusion of the traditional Indian lehenga and western gown.

Anarkali lehengas

  • This type of lehenga is a classic and preferred choice for women, especially during religious celebration./p>

  • Depending on the number of flares required in the lehenga, the Anarkali lehengas are priced./p>

  • The Anarkali lehenga may appear as printed, solid, or embroidered./p>

Saree style Lehenga

  • It is a stylish blend of two beautiful Indian attires – saree and lehenga./p>

  • In the case of a lehenga style saree, the upper portion is the saree, while the lower portion is the traditional Indian lehenga./p>

  • Unlike wearing a traditional saree, it is easy to wear a saree style lehenga./p>

  • There is no need for the formation of pleats./p>

  • This attire is easy to drape./p>

  • The stylish lehenga carries a flair with it and has the power to capture everyone’s attention./p>

Silk lehengas

  • The silk lehengas are best suited for all occasions in South India./p>

  • The amazing silk lehengas can easily be customized for traditional festivals, events, and parties./p>

  • There is beautiful embroidery and sequins work all over the lehenga./p>

Langa Voni

  • It is a half bridal lehenga worn by adolescent girls in South India who are unmarried./p>

  • Popularly called as a two-piece saree./p>

  • This traditional and prominent attire consists of a blouse, dupatta, and a long skirt./p>

  • Langa Voni is comfortable and stylish for South Indian girls./p>

  • Langa Voni is also known as Langa Davani in Karnataka, and Pattu Pavadai Dhavani in Tamil Nadu.

Many festivals are celebrated with fun, joy, and enthusiasm in a country like India. During the wedding or festival season, every woman is looking out for some ethnic clothes to wear for the program. A lehenga is a must-have attire in the wardrobe for every woman. There are different types and styles of Lehengas made from the best qualified fabric. It all depends on the individual choice and preference.

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