Different styles of wearing sarees

Created on - 18/12/2021

In the era of modernization, everybody is trying to get a modern look. People love to wear modern outfits instead of traditional dresses.

But what if you can get a classy look in a traditional saree???

Sounds interesting???

Yeah, it is possible to get a royal and attractive look while staying connected to your tradition as well.

Difference is just: HOW DO YOU WEAR A SAREE?

Saree is undoubtedly one of the best dresses women can wear. A saree is a timeless piece of fabric that has been in demand for almost every occasion. However, people have given constant modern touches to a saree, making it look even more special. Be it different draping styles or the introduction of some accessories with a saree. Designers have experimented a lot on the garment to make it the latest fad. These styles are so great that we couldn’t stop ourselves from showing these to you.

In this blog, we are going to highlight different ways to wear a saree that are enough for you to stand apart from the crowd!

Check it now and fall in love with yourself again.

Different ways of draping a saree

  • Pant style
  • Butterfly Style
  • The traditional style
  • Mumtaz Style

Pant style

Give a modern touch to your saree by replacing your petticoat with a pant, and then wrap your saree around. The style is a modern way of wearing this traditional attire while being extremely comfortable. You can use some satin palazzo till your ankles to look shimmery like a princess.

Butterfly Style

If you want to look slimmer while being an absolute head turner, then this is the draping style for you. This saree looks stylish, and all you need to drape it is to make some thin pleats for your pallu and then pin it on your shoulder. It will have that traditional vibe with a modern touch.

The traditional style

Nothing can beat the Traditional Style of wearing a saree. The traditional style can kill alike in an office party or even at a wedding. The style is great for all ages and all sizes. Draping your saree in traditional style is also easy and quite quick.

Mumtaz Style

If you are a fan of the retro era, then this is the saree style for you. Give out the vibes of that 80s era by wearing the epic Mumtaz-style saree. The style is inspired by the movie “Ram Aur Shyaam.” If you wish to wear this style, then focus on your saree's layering.


These were some of the most common ways of wearing a saree. Check all of them out and kill out next time you wear a saree.

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