Craze of silk saree among western women

Created on - 22/3/2022

Craziness aside, western women are finally embracing something deep-rooted and rich in culture. Silk saree has always been as conservative, elegant, and silky but now it’s considered provocative, sensual, and a regressive garment. It’s time for the West to remove their lenses and realize that it is never too late to experience something new.

Silk Saree: A trend

We know India is famous for its ethnic wear. Every woman of all ages favors saree. Any festival is incomplete without a saree. Although, there is a huge variety of sarees in the market. But when it comes to silk sarees, it’s a trend. Silk sarees are delightful yet most demanding of all.

Muga silkworm, mulberry silkworm, and Tasar silkworm generate silk. It’s produced in many states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Chhattisgarh, etc. Coming to silk sarees, it can glorify any function with its elegance. Silk sarees being India’s pride has also been a matter of interest in western women. The demand for silk sarees has been increasing day by day in western countries. Here we have made a list of well-known silk sarees. These are in different colors, styles, and designs. This will help you choose one for you and your loved ones.

• Banaras Silk

Banaras silk sarees come from Varanasi. One can easily recognize Banaras silk because of its extra golden or silver zari work and beautiful embroidery. Craftsman uses the highest grade of silk fabric in this work. This shows the artistic brilliance of the craftsman. Katan silk-blends perfectly with Banarasi silk giving it a sophisticated look. A bride is incomplete without the Banaras silk saree. It is popular among women in every country. As it gives an elegant, unique, and sophisticated look, it’s also in demand by younger generations.

• Raw silk

Due to its purity, raw silk sarees appear less. It is most often seen in religious functions. The slightly faint luster of raw silk makes it unique and special from other silk. Draping a raw silk saree makes a great impact and adds beauty. Thematic prints, zari borders of this saree make it look more attractive and set an impression. We can apply both artificial and natural dyes to raw silk as it’s a bit different from pure silk.

• Chanderi silk

Chanderi silk is from Madhya Pradesh. It’s in fashion these days due to its lightweight and luxurious feel. Weaving silk is traditionally woven in cotton yarn with golden zari to create its fabric. These come in beautiful bright colors, varied textures, and intricate designs. The rate of orders has increased in western countries. You can choose to go with Chanderi silk on any occasion.


We can never sum up the beauty of silk sarees in an article. We craft every type of silk in a way that adds elegance and beauty to the one who draped it. To date, we have done many wonderful fusion experiments in the silk saree collection. Just adorn yourself in a saree of your choice and slay the event in any country.

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